The 21st Anniversary of IMSH will introduce you to a global community of 4,000+ physicians, nurses, educators, administrators, center operations directors, technology specialists and other healthcare providers involved in medical simulation. The Expo Hall is a true testament to the how Simulation brings learning to life, featuring manikin and computer-based simulation, VR, AR, task trainers, learning management systems, digital applications and games, IT solutions, and so much more. General exhibit sales are now open! Space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Are you an advocate of bringing learning to life? Join us as an IMSH 2021 exhibitor!

Reserve your booth TODAY!

Prior to the launch of general sales, a priority Point System is used to assign exhibit space for past exhibitors that have accumulated 1 or more priority points through exhibition and/or sponsorship at IMSH or SimOps.

Details regarding the Priority Point system can be found on page 10 of the exhibitor prospectus.

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Exhibit Hall Hours

Friday 8 January 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Exhibitor move-in
Saturday 9 January 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Exhibitor move-in
Sunday 10 January 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Exhibitor move-in
Sunday 10 January 1:00 pm All freight & materials must be inside booth ready for opening
Sunday 10 January 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Grand Opening of Exhibit Hall 
Sunday 10 January 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm Grand Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall
Monday 11 January 9:30 am - 4:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open
Tuesday 12 January 9:30 am - 3:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open
Tuesday 12 January 3:00 pm Exhibit Hall Closes
Tuesday 12 January 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm Exhibitor move-out
Wednesday 13 January 8:00 am - 1:00 pm Exhibitor move-out
Wednesday 13 January 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Decorator move-out
Wednesday 13 January 5:00 pm Remaining freight "forced from floor"

2021 Exhibitor List


Booth Exhibitor Web URL
706 3-Dmed http://www.3-Dmed.com
525 3B Scientific http://www.3bscientific.com
517 3D Systems Simbionix http://www.simbionix.com
1035 7-SIGMA, Inc. https://7-s3.com/
449 ACDET LLC http://www.acdet-absim.com
811 Apex Innovations http://www.ObjectivityPlus.com
851 Archetype Innovations/EHR Go https://ehrgo.com/
146 Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) https://www.aspeducators.org/
910 AUG Global/AI Body https://aug.global
541 Avkin http://www.avkin.com
133 Body Interact http://www.bodyinteract.com
215 CAE http://www.caehealthcare.com
727 DiaMedical USA http://www.diamedicalusa.com
128 Echo Healthcare https://echo.healthcare
125 Education Management Solutions, Inc. https://www.simulationiq.com/
446 Epimed https://www.epimed.com
247 Friday Night at the ER https://fridaynightattheer.com
417 Gaumard Scientific Co. http://www.gaumard.com
921 GEOTAR MANUFACTURING LLC http://www.leonardo-dental.com/
615 Gordon Center for Simulation and Innovation in Medical Education http://www.gcrme.miami.edu
808 Health Scholars https://healthscholars.com/.healthscholars.com
116 IngMar Medical, Ltd. https://www.ingmarmed.com
354 Innosonian America https://www.innosonian.us/about-us/
141 Inovus Medical https://www.inovus.org/
633 Intelligent Ultrasound http://intelligentultrasound.com
240 Intelligent Video Solutions https://ipivs.com/solutions/simulation/
147 International Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) http://www.inacsl.org
533 iSimulate http://www.isimulate.com
709 Kb Port LLC http://www.kbport.com
705 Kitware https://www.kitware.com
621 Kyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd. http://www.kkamerica-inc.com
115 Laerdal Medical http://www.laerdal.com
920 Lecat's Ventriloscope, LLC http://www.ventriloscope.com
233 Limbs & Things, Inc. http://www.limbsandthings.com
154 Mayo Clinic https://college.mayo.edu/academics/simulation-centers/
340 Medcognition http://www.medcognition.com
715 Medical-X https://www.medical-x.com/
441 MedVision LLC http://www.medvisiongroup.com
1029 MedVR http://medvr.ru/
821 Mentice, Inc. https://www.mentice.com/
1017 Mock Medical, LLC http://www.mockmedical.com
333 Nasco Healthcare (Simulaids) https://www.enasco.com/c/Healthcare
450 National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA) http://www.trainingsystems.org
827 Operative Experience, Inc. http://operativeexperience.com
847 ORSIM by Airway Simulation Limited http://www.orsim.com
640 OtoSim Inc. http://www.otosim.com
833 Oxford Medical Simulation https://oxfordmedicalsimulation.com/
733 PCS http://www.pcs.ai
433 Pocket Nurse® https://www.pocketnurse.com/
448 Remedy Simulation Group, a Pulse Anatomy Company http://www.remedysim.com
820 SECTRA AB https://sectra.com/
841 SIMCharacters http://www.simcharacters.com
152 SimGHOSTS http://www.simghosts.org
741 SIMStation https://level3av.com/
225 Simulab Corporation https://www.simulab.com/
425 SimX VR Https://SimXAR.com
132 SonoSim, Inc. http://www.sonosim.com
341 Stealth Simulation http://www.stealthsimulation.com
241 Stratasys https://www.stratasys.com/
347 SurgiReal Products, Inc. http://www.surgireal.coom
548 The Chamberlain Group https://www.thecgroup.com/
641 TraumaFX Solutions, Inc. http://www.traumafx.net
440 UbiSim http://www.ubisimvr.com
246 VATA http://www.vatainc.com
122 Vcom3D http://vcom3d.com
151 ViaSTAR https://viastarcenter.com/
725 VirtaMed AG http://www.virtamed.com
721 Wallcur LLC http://www.wallcur.com/
346 WISER https://www.wiser.pitt.edu/
142 Wolters Kluwer http://www.lww.com
809 Your Design Medical http://www.yourdesignmedical.com

Interested in exhibiting? Email Olivia Rosace, Meetings & Exhibits Coordinator

Caution: Beware of housing scammers and ‘pirates’.
Only Next Generation Events (NXG) has been designated by SSH as the official housing company for IMSH 2021. Please be vigilant if contacted by any companies or services other than Next Generation Events that imply or claim an affiliation with IMSH 2021. These companies will have official-sounding names such as Expo Planners or CH Planners and will aggressively pursue you or your company to book guest rooms at supposedly significant discounts. Unfortunately, some past attendees and exhibitors have lost their deposits, been relocated with no warning, or have not received reservations at the hotel where they thought they were confirmed.
Reservations made through an agency other than Next Generation Events will be at your own risk.  Next Generation Events will never ask you to prepay for rooms or require a deposit.If you are contacted by another housing company trying to sell hotel rooms, notify Judy Larson, Director of Meetings & Exhibits at jlarson@ssih.org or Priscilla Lee at priscilla@nxgevents.com

Thank you to our sponsors for helping make IMSH 2021 a success!