Welcome to New Orleans!

Hotel Information Coming Soon! 



Caution: Beware of housing scammers and ‘pirates’.

Only Next Generation Events (NXG) has been designated by SSH as the official housing company for IMSH 2021. Please be vigilant if contacted by any companies or services other than Next Generation Events that imply or claim an affiliation with IMSH 2021. These companies will have official-sounding names such as Expo Planners or CH Planners and will aggressively pursue you or your company to book guest rooms at supposedly significant discounts. Unfortunately, some past attendees and exhibitors have lost their deposits, been relocated with no warning, or have not received reservations at the hotel where they thought they were confirmed.

Reservations made through an agency other than Next Generation Events will be at your own risk.  Next Generation Events will never ask you to prepay for rooms or require a deposit. If you are contacted by another housing company trying to sell hotel rooms, notify Judy Larson, Director of Meetings & Exhibits at jlarson@ssih.org or Priscilla Lee at priscilla@nxgevents.com

Thank you to our sponsors for helping make IMSH 2021 a success!